There are a few reasons why your machine's temperature could be too high, take a look through this checklist and if you are still unsure please don't hesitate to get in touch!

  • Is there a 10cm gap all the way around the machine? If not this could mean the temperature remans higher than normal

  • How long has the keg been in the machine? It can take 10-15 hours for the keg to reach the desired 3 degrees

  • Is the machines surroundings higher than room temperature or in direct sunlight? You may find when cooking dinner or the heating is on in your home the machines temperature will rise

  • Is there ice in the bottom of the machine? If so, remove the keg from the machine and let the machine sit switched off for a few hours

  • Where was the keg stored before it was inserted into the machine? If it was in a warmer environment it will take a little longer to cool

  • Check if the fan at the back of the machine is free from dust and dirt

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