There are a few reasons why your keg may seem a little flat, take a look through this checklist and if you are still unsure get in touch!

  • What temperature is the keg at? If it is warmer than 3 degrees it will be flat, let the machine cool the keg for a little longer then try again

  • Is the glass you are using clean? Even unseen residual from rinse aid can cause a flat pour, rinse your glass before pouring

  • Are you holding the spout of the tap on the glass when pouring? The end of the tap shouldn't touch the glass and unlike in pubs the glass should be kept 10-15cm lower than the tap

  • Did you use a new tube with your keg? Dirt can cause a flat pour

  • Air may be leaking from the round rubber seal of the tap unit, wet this before attaching to your keg

  • Using a nucleated glass can help keep the head on your beer

Click this link to view our PD help videos