There are a number of reasons why your keg might not taste quite as good as it should, take a look at this checklist and if you are still having issues please get in touch!

  • Have you recently rinsed the tap unit? If not this could contain old beer and effect the taste of your perfect pint

  • Try giving the keg a swirl before installing in the machine, particularly for wheat beers

  • Do you change the tube every time you change a keg? This could also contain old beer
  • Is the glass you are using clean?

  • What is the best before date on the keg? If it is a particularly old keg, this may affect the taste

  • How long has the keg been in the machine? We guarantee fresh beer for 30 days, after that the taste could alter

  • Has the keg been kept cool the whole time it has been open? If not the keg will not stay fresh

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