Brewery in a box deluxe starter kit

If you are serious about brewing and want to start our in a great place, go for this kit. It allows you to start your very own mini brewery at home. It is designed to be fool proof and fun, plus the instructions have been honed for more than 20 years making it one of the most trusted anywhere.

The only other essential item you will need as well as the kit is a large pot with a capacity of 16-20 litres. As well as this we recommend a hydrometer to keep an eye on fermentation and know your final ABV (if you choose to use one). Both can be found on our website!

Brewery in a box essential starter kit

For the slightly cheaper option, this kit is perfect! Containing a great selection of brewing items and the amazing Block Party Amber Ale recipe kit! Not only does it include everything you need, but also gives very clear instructions to ensure you will be drinking your own beer in no time!

One thing you will probably need which isn't included is a thermometer - An indispensable tool when brewing. If you don't already have one at home, you can purchase a glass or digital one from our website!

Small batch starter kits 

If you are a beginner brewer looking for a smaller option than our brewery in a box kits, look at this range. We have lots of different styles on offer from IPAs to stouts and wheat beers.

The kits include different things so be sure to look carefully at the what's included section of each product description before purchasing.

If something you want isn't included in the kit but you may need it, there will be a link to it in the product description so you can purchase it separately.