Our Facebook Messenger assistant is loaded with keyphrase AI so you can ask for help 24 hours a day. Familiarising yourself with the below keyphrases will help you to get quicker responses to issues and navigate to the right section from your first interaction. You can also copy & paste into Messenger to make sure the assistant doesn't get confused. Ths list isn't exhaustive & we've tried to include as many variations on phrasing as we can think of - but using these will guarantee you get to where you want.

General PerfectDraft

  • PD
  • PerfectDraft
  • Perfect Draft
  • Keg Return
  • Keg Machine

Booking or Chasing Keg Returns

  • book keg return
  • chase keg return
  • missing beer tokens from return
  • where are my keg return tokens?

Order Tracking

  • where's my order
  • tracking
  • order missing
  • lost parcel