The quickest way to report any order issue is highlighted below. During peak times this will be the only way to report issues, so any email requests will be advised to follow this process.

When to report an issue

  1.  Your order has been marked as delivered and you have not received the entire order
  2. Any part of your order is damaged, out of date or incorrect 
  3. You have been notified by the courier that there has been an issue but we haven't been in touch
  4. More than 10 working days have elapsed since your order was placed (excluding pre-orders)

How to report an issue

Visit our Returns Centre to report all issues. The name may suggest "returns", however it encompasses all issues and allows you to select your preferred resolution. 

You need your Order ID (the number starting 1000) and your email address, once your order is located you need to select all the items affected. 

If you've received an incorrect item, please report the item you ordered then tell us what you received in it's place in the comments.

 For a full guide to reporting an issue please click here