The "Returns Centre" name can be misleading. This is an opportunity to report any issue relating to an order which has been marked as delivered.

1. Open the Returns Centre

2. Locate your Order

For you to report an issue with you order you need:

  1. Your Order Number (the 1000 number found in you order history/confirmation emails)
  2. The email address used to place the order

Once you've entered these details click "Find Your Order"

3. Tell us What's Affected

The heading says "What would you like to return", but what we really want to know is what has been affected. Make sure you mark every item that has been affected and the quantities on this screen and click next.

4. Tell us What's Happened

Select the reason - again the heading mentions "returns" but you'll see that we cover all bases in the dropdown. If there is more than one issue, please select the most relevant in the dropdown and add any other information into the additional notes. If you have any supporting images, please upload them here.

5. Your Preferred Resolution

You'll then be shown a list of possible resolutions to your issue - please select your preferred option so the team knows how best to help.

6. Is it coming back?

Depending on the issue, you'll be given the option to send it back or resolve with the team. Once you've selected your preferred option, your request is submitted

7. Next Steps

You will receive a reference number and an email confirmation (which may land in your spam folder so keep an eye out). The team will then be in touch asap to fully resolve your issue - as below: